Digital Arts & Culture Accelerator – Arts Council England & Nesta

During Summer 2016 The Accelerator Network delivered a world’s first – the Digital Arts & Culture Accelerator programme for Arts Council England and Nesta. The programme, known as Arts Accelerator Academy, leveraged the training and mentorship from both FFWD and Accelerator Academy syllabus developed by The Accelerator Network and was highly tailored to suit the 9 companies that joined us for the 12 week programme.

The companies were selected by Arts Council England and Nesta as recipients of their Digital R&D Fund in 2015, which enabled them to leverage a research institution and a technology development firm to explore scalable products which could provide a commercial revenue stream to these charitable businesses.

During the programme the businesses (outlined in the link below) worked with an assigned mentor, learned from thought leader keynote presentations & workshops with industry experts, were supported by coaching and access to investors and further funding at the final presentation event in September. The progress made by the companies was fantastic and we look forward to updating you on their continued development.


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